Klima Magazine
The first issue focuses on the political and ideological problematics arising from the realm of science fiction. It focuses on relations between imaginary spaces and emancipation, on the omnipresence of technology in our society, and on the idea of an ecological catastrophe. This first issue questions different systems of power through the prism of imagination. Reflections around utopias, dystopias, afrofuturism, gothic futurism and figure of the cyborg are presented.

Nicolas Ballet

Julie Boukobza

Dora Budor

Alice Carabédian

Jean-Luc André D’Asciano

Caterina De Nicola

Noémie Degen

Gabriele Garavaglia

Mathis Gasser

Antoine Goldet

Donna Haraway

Kimberley Harthoorn

Monika Kazi

Kapwani Kiwanga

Quentin Lacombe

Gregoria Lagourgue

Tarek Lakhrissi

Marvin Leuvrey

Emma Panchot

Susanne Pfeffer


Anna Solal


Mawena Yehouessi