Klima Magazine
Dedicated to the occult, this issue continues its line of questioning, this time turning its gaze towards the spiritual dimension that emerges from the various encounters and cohabitations of the living with the non-living. Over this edition hangs the figure of the witch. We reveal her deviant and erudite aspects, going against dogmas to reframe her as a secret and magical feminist force. How was the birth of the Western witch induced by the advent of capitalism? What political and symbolic forces arise from this conception? What ambiguous drifts could lead to its mercantile recuperation?   Magic, rituals, spiritualism, and their societal implications: these are the areas that we wanted to investigate, within both the human sciences and contemporary artistic practice. The intersection of these disciplines unlocks a new appreciation of the world beyond the visible and the tangible. These disciplines gravitate around the same questions that link spirituality and politics: how do we resist hegemonic powers? How do we, in these times, combine collaborative survival, re-appropriation of knowledge, and contemporary spirituality? Several points of view cross paths and work together to reveal avenues of reflection and ways to rethink history through the prism of its own mysticism. In the meantime, the witches will remain. 

Amy Hale

Aniara Rodado

Silvia Federici


Grégoria Lagourgue

Kenza Aloui

Kira Scerbin

Laura Gozlan

Katia Porro

Lewis Hammond

Alicia Reymond

Valentine Etiévant

Tristan Savoy

Paul Maheke

Ludovic Delalande

Rémi Baert

Ixchel Ledesma

Laura Anderson Barbata

Tom de Peyret

Francesco Tenaglia

Elise Lammer

Dorota Gaweda

Egle Kulbokaite

Cecilia Calheiros

Théo Casciani

Gaia Vincensini

Fanny Charrasse

Milagros Lupotti