Klima Magazine
Composed in collaboration with the Fabbula research group, this issue deals with the question of the virtual and its interweaving with the real. It begins by referring to the notion of “worlding”, initiated by Donna Haraway. We see this notion as active and cooperative modes of “becoming-with”, which can take the form of speculative fables written by different species, technologies and forms of knowledge. This issue is an opportunity for us to take a critical look at what the virtual is today, what it can do and how it can allow us to conceptualise one or more futures. The virtual as a tool is increasingly present in our lives. It allows us to imagine new developments in the face of the Anthro-pocene. We want an ecological, inclusive virtual that explores collective practices, human/non-human relations, and speculative hybridisations. A virtual where possibilities and alternatives acquire new powers in the face of insistent probabilities. It is by imagining these worlds that we can bring them into being around us.

Didier Debaise

Clémence Seurat avec DISNOVATION.ORG

Omsk Social Club

Sara Sadik

Katja Novitskova

Erwan Sene

Giulia Essyad

The Institute of queer ecology

Miriam Laura Leonardi

Clémentine Bedos

Rindon Johnson

Vinciane Despret

Donna Haraway

Diana Toucedo

Most Dismal Swamp