Klima is a print magazine dedicated to contemporary creation and academic research.

Klima wants to connect research with the artistic world in a comprehensible way. It gives a voice to creative, singular, and conscious individuals by relating art, activism, and academia.

Klima is a bi-annual magazine for curious and informed readers. Each issue is centered around an article written by a doctoral student. We want to gather in a same space different fields from the contemporary scene in order to consider each of them while insisting on interdisciplinarity. Interviews, encounters, as well as artistic and literary projects are proposed in relation to the main article. These articles will interpret the inherent problematics within this research project.

Aware of the political emergency of our time, Klima wants to be part of the current cultural climate by questioning new forms of contestation and utopia, and by analyzing art and research as spaces of deliberation for the contemporary itself.

Klima publishes articles related to contemporary art, art history, art critique, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies, etc.

Antonine Scali-Ringwald
founder and editor in chief

Antonine Scali Ringwald is an editor, a curator and an independent researcher based in Paris. With degrees in art history and sociology. She went to the Sorbonne and the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris. In 2018, she founded the magazine Klima, dedicated to the entanglement of contemporary creation and academic research. She oversees the editorial content, which she organises exhibitions. She is currently participating in the post-master "Collective Practices: Symbiotic organisations", at the Royal Institute of Stockholm, where her research focuses on listening to marine worlds.

Loucia Carlier
co-founder and art and critic director

Graduated from the Cantonal School of Art in Lau- sanne, where she obtained her master’s degree in visual arts with the congratulations of the jury, she currently holds the position of assistant to the master European Art Ensemble at Écal in parallel with her artistic production. She mainly deals with the se- lection of artists for the magazine.

Valentine Étiévant
editorial comitee

Graduated from the Graphic Design Bachelor of the Cantonal School of Art in Lausanne, she then went on to establish the T.V.A. studies artistic ma- nagement group based in Paris. She is currently freelancing for various editorial projects. She is in charge of the production of special projects in the magazine.

Clément Gicquel, Eliott Grunewald, Thomas Le Provost
artistic director

Clément, Eliott and Thomas are graduated from the Graphic Design Bachelor and the Type Design Master of the Cantonal School of Art in Lausanne. In parallel of their activity as independent graphic designers in various fields, they currently holds the position of teaching assistants of the graphic de- sign BA, and photography and type design MA at ECAL. They are in charge of the artistic direction of the magazine.

Romain Noel
editorial comitee

A graduate of the EHESS, Romain Noël is a doctoral student in art history at the Centre d'histoire de Sciences Po (CHSP) where he works under the direction of Laurence Bertrand Dorléac. Transdisciplinary, his research focuses on Anthropocene affects, the links between apocalypse and melancholy, and artistic resistance to the processes of extinction. In parallel with his academic activities, he carries out more personal work, particularly writing, in close collaboration with the visual artist Youri Johnson.

Grégoria Lagourgue
editorial comitee

Grégoria Lagourgue holds a master's degree in museology and art history research from the École du Louvre and a double bachelor's degree in modern literature and art history. She assists several artists and has worked on various exhibition projects, notably at the Centre Pompidou. She regularly participates in editorial and journalistic projects and designs exhibition scenographies. She offers theoretical content within the magazine.


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